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Summer Pack Trip Schedule and Prices

The Bob Marshall Wilderness is the crown jewel of the continental US wilderness collection.  By it's rugged nature its withstood the march of time and settlement of the West.  Visiting the Bob is certainly worth all the effort to get there, but it is not for the unprepared.  This is where the Haas' make your trip pleasant and memorable.  

We take care of the details, the planning, the stock, and the equipment so that you can enjoy the wilderness.  While the trips might be described as "rugged", we prefer to think of it as pretty comfortable camping excursion.  You will have your own saddle horse, and the mules will pack your gear.  The food is top notch mountain cooking; hearty and plentiful.  The experienced guides and cooks take great care of you such that we ensure you have a great trip.  We don't control the weather very well, but we like to think we've got everything else covered.  That's probably the best way to think of a summer pack trip with the Haas' - you bring what you need and we take care of the rest.

Schedule of 2017 Summer Horse Pack Trips

  Trip Dates Description Len (days) Activities Price / person Availability
    1 6/26-7/2 Early Sun River      7 Scenery, Wildlife $2,450 Closed
    2 7/7-7/11 Sun River Scenery      5 Scenery, Wildlife $1,880 Closed
    3 7/14-7/18 Gates Park      5 Fishing, Riding $1,880 Closed
    4 7/22-7/28 Forks of Sun      7 Fishing, Riding $2,450 Closed
    5 7/28-8/3 Forks of Sun      7 Scenery, Wildlife $2,450 4
    6 8/7-8/13 China Wall      7 Fishing, Riding $2,450 Closed
    7 8/16-8/20 Gates Park      5 Fishing, Riding $1,880 6
    8 8/24-8/30 Middle Fork Flathead      7 Scenery, Fishing $2,450 Closed

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