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Montana fly fishing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness is an opportunity to get a long way from anywhere, enjoy the company of your friends, and experience the extraordinary fishing rivers of Montana. Fishing trips range from 5 to 7 days and may stay in one camp location or move about several camps.  We've carefully crafted several great trips emphasizing angling so please check out the upcoming summer schedule

Wilderness Fly Fishing

Fishing Montana's rivers deep in the wilderness brings you some of the purest, most exciting fly fishing with exceptionally beautiful country as the backdrop. On a hot summer day fly fishermen can catch 60 fish a day and rarely see anyone else on the river. There are many excellent fly fishing rivers in Montana, and the remote waters of the Bob Marshall wilderness are at the best for a truly unique and exhilarating angling experience.


….As camp was being set up we all could not wait to get a fly in the water and see the first rise from the surface.  I tied on a number 10 size Sofa pillow Stonefly pattern and was not disappointed with a rise from a sixteen inch Golden Cutthroat .  Each day was better than the last in size and weight with the largest being 22 inches.  We netted many in the 16 to 18 inch range and it does not get any better than that..…. Not many places in this world can you drink water out of a pure mountain stream without fear of catching something or it is so cold in August that you can put beer in it and have a cold one after you return from a hard day of fishing.   How great is that! 

Lance W - AZ

Comfortable camping, safe horseback riding, outstanding wild river fishing, and quality time with friends and family are the hallmarks of a fishing trip adventure with A Lazy H.  Additional photo galleries provide some great views into wilderness camping and fishing excursions.

For the non-fishermen in your group, we offer horseback rides to nearby lookouts and mountain meadows filled with wildflowers, or hikes to nearby mountain peaks. Everyone can regroup at the end of the day for recollection of another great day.


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The downloads below provide greater detail on the fish, waters, seasons, equipment, and other useful information.  All anglers (resident & non-resident) require a Montana fishing license.  Most Bob Marshall Wilderness waters are catch and release. Fishing licenses are available online or over-the-counter when you arrive in Montana. 

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