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A Montana horse packtrip is one of the most unique experiences in the west. The combination of the spectacular country, convenience of horseback travel, and our family's 'Haas hospitality' create a truly remarkable vacation.  Check out the upcoming schedule for additional detail on the great horse packing trips lined up.

We accompany you into Montana's famed Bob Marshall Wilderness which is accessible by trail riding horses or hiking only. It is as remote as it is beautiful, and many hidden adventures await you at every campsite. The Bob Marshall is a huge wilderness--larger than several states in fact--and there is a wide variety of wild country and rivers to explore. There are some great photos in the horse packtrip gallery.  From the wide grassy valleys of the Sun and Flathead Rivers to the ragged cliffs of the Chinese Wall on the Continental Divide, there is an experience to bring alive the senses and really enjoy the separation from civilization.  

We have several carefully crafted trips emphasizing different wilderness activities on your horse camping adventure, and on each trip you will find consistency.

  • Gentle horses move you from each campsite and are always ready for a "horse cookie" and confidently carrying you everywhere
  • The finest mule train to pack your gear
  • Surprisingly diverse western cooking supplied by camp cooks working from a fully stocked camp kitchen
  • Comfortable sleeping quarters in private guest tents, with only one couple per tent
  • Guides and horse packing teams deeply familiar with the wilderness and all the things that needed to achieve a high quality trip
  • A wide range of activities available, or trips that focus on specific activities like visiting the Chinese Wall or fly fishing


I just want to let all of you at A Lazy H Outfitters know what a wonderful trip we had this past August.  We truly enjoyed every bit of it. The trip was everything Joe promised and more.  We feel so fortunate to have ventured into the Bob Marshall these past two summers.  

Kathyrn H – NJ


Wildlife and Birds

Each wilderness pack trip has the opportunity to encounter any type of big game known to North America. The Bob Marshall has, without exception, the widest range of fauna and rightly earns the title of America's serengetti. On any given trip there are opportunities to see the big game species including elk, deer, moose, big horn sheep, and mountain goats. Additionally, you may encounter (from a safe distance) the larger prey species including black bear, grizzly bear, grey wolf, coyotes, mountain lion, and fox. You may also see many bird species, including hawks, osprey, and golden and bald eagles.

Horseback Riding

We get around the wilderness on the best mountain horses you're going to find.  The speed is mostly trail riding and gives you a relaxing way to get from one great camping site to the next. These trips are carefully crafted to emphasize different interests and activities.  The horse trail riding varies in duration and vigor depending on the trip. The trips going to the Chinese Wall and to the Flathead River typically go longer distances and are preferred by those who desire more horseback riding. Shorter trips to the Gates Park camp allow the fishermen to experience fly fishing while others can take day rides to interesting and scenic sites near camp. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination and interests. Whichever trip you select, you can be confident in well-maintained tack and a trusted equine friend to accompany you on your Montana horsepacking trip adventure!

Wilderness Fishing

Fishing the remote rivers and streams is an unparalleled experience.  This is where many young fishermen first get "hooked" on fishing, and as well where more seasoned fishermen find that exceptional experience.   Check out the wealth of information on fishing trips elsewhere in this site.  Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of fishing experience, you'll no doubt find that the Bob Marshall waters are a truly unique experience. The majority of our guests prefer to fly fish, and for the dry fly fishermen there is no parallel to the action offered on these waters. However, the spin and lure fisherman will find it just as active. Whatever your preference, you'll return to camp exhausted and exhilarated with the day's fishing action.

Scenery and Adventure

There are many hidden treasures awaiting your discovery on a wilderness pack trip. It may be a historical find or a scenic vista of solitude for you alone. It may be a rigorous ride and hike to a remote fire lookout, or a ride offering spectacular views of the vast mountain valleys. Riding along the base of the Chinese Wall ranks at the top of any day, and several of the trips get you close to the Chinese Wall for a day or longer.   You can get some great ideas of the spectacular scenery in our photo gallery as well.

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