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A horse camping and pack trip with A Lazy H is a unique and exciting summer adventure. The combination of the spectacular wilderness, convenience of horseback trail riding, and the Haas family hospitality create a truly remarkable vacation experience. Unlike Glacier and Yellowstone parks, the Bob Marshall is accessible only by horseback, hiking, or backpacking. You will not see a bike or vehicle anywhere in this remote and rugged wilderness. Many hidden adventures await you on every trail and at every campsite. The are many streams, vistas, historical sites, and beautiful campsites for you to explore.

Horse packing string crossing meadow Each horse pack trip has a unique itinerary. Our gentle trail horses take you through the mountains on spectacular routes. These include vast rolling meadows, trails in the shadow of the Continental Divide and the infamous Chinese Wall, rivers hidden amidst century old forests, and fire lookout stations at the tops of mountains. 

Horseback Riding

Horseback riders taking break

Horseback riding is an integral part of a horse packing trip. Some of our pack trips travel further than others. If you enjoy a lot of riding, you may prefer the longer-riding Chinese Wall and the Flathead River trips. Shorter pack trips to the Gates Park camp allow the fishermen to fish while others can enjoy horseback rides to points of interest near camp. 

We had such a great time…..It could not have been better. We enjoyed the company of our wranglers and [our cook] immensely.  Thanks again for a memorable trip. 

Chuck and Cecile M - OR

Whichever pack trip you select, you can be confident in well-maintained tack and a trusted equine friend to accompany you on your adventure.

Scenery and Adventure

There are many hidden treasures awaiting you on a wilderness pack trip, such as historical finds, points of interest, vistas, or places of quiet solitude. You may enjoy a rigorous ride and hike to a remote fire lookout, or a ride offering spectacular views of the vast mountain valleys. 

And, of course, riding along the base of the Chinese Wall is often the peak of any trip, and several of our trips get you right up to the Chinese Wall to explore. 

View of the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana It's hard to fully grasp the stunning vistas or plan for the pleasant surprises around each corner. From the deep timber along Rock Creek where the sun is difficult to find to the vast open meadows of Biggs Creek Flats, there are breathtaking opportunities for memories and photos. 

If you're also visiting Glacier and Yellowstone, you shouldn't miss this place, voted the 2013 Reader's Choice Most Beautiful Wilderness Area in North America at about.com.

Wilderness River Fishing

Fishing the remote rivers and streams of Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness is an unparalleled experience. This is where many young fishermen first get "hooked" on fishing. Whether you are a novice or experienced fisherman, you will find that the Bob Marshall waters are truly amazing. 

Flyfishing wild rivers

Most guests prefer fly fishing, and for the dry fly fishermen there is no parallel to the action offered on these waters. And, the spin and lure fisherman will find it just as active.

Whatever your preference, you'll return to camp exhausted and exhilarated from your day of fishing.

Wildlife and Birds

This area of Montana has, without exception, the widest range of wildlife and it rightly earns the title of America's Serengetti. On any given horse pack trip there are opportunities to see and photograph elk, deer, moose, big horn sheep, and mountain goats.

Black bear along trail

Additionally, you may encounter (from a safe distance) larger prey, including black bear, grizzly bear, grey wolf, coyotes, mountain lion, and fox.

There are many bird species including hawks, osprey, and golden and bald eagles. 

Make sure you bring your camera!

Spectacular Camps to Explore

After traveling on horseback all day to get to a new camp, it's nice to take a break to stretch your legs and explore the area around each different campsite.  

While we setup the camp and take care of the horses, you can explore the next bend in the river, or the far side of the meadow, or the open ridge above camp. Perhaps you'd rather take a restful nap in the quiet shade of a pine tree, or pick the perfect spot for your tent.

A Lazy H Summer Fishing camp Travel trip camp on Sun River

Further exploration might lead you to go farther to an upstream meadow, or to an abandoned trapper cabin tucked into the dark timber. You might ease your way into a cool but refreshing mountain stream to cool off.  

Each camp has something special, and we invite you to let your curiosity get the better of you here!


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