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A Rare Adventure in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains 

Deep in the heart of Montana is some of the wildest, most beautiful country that has never been settled.  Somewhere between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone is a little-known frontier called the Bob Marshall Wilderness. This land is rugged and stunning, full of adventure and undiscovered treasures.  

Montana elk taken on A Lazy H horse pack trip Chinese Wall taken on a horse camping pack trip

You will find any number of outdoor activities suited to your inclinations in an amazing outdoor setting where you can enjoy and explore this spectacular country.  

We invite you to join us on a remarkable wilderness horse packing trip this year.

A guided horseback pack trips is a unique way to see this remote, spectacular country. The Bob Marshall is home to most of North America's big game species, such as elk, deer, bears, goats, moose, and big horn sheep. There are also the great predators, including grizzly bear, grey wolf, mountain lion, and any number of lesser species such as foxes, coyotes, and wolverines.

We’re home from our adventure, and we are writing you today to let you know what a wonderful time we both had on our 8-day horse pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in August.  It is not often that folks get to fulfill their dreams, and this trip counts as one of those dreams come true.  We are so glad we chose to go with your outfit….There are really not enough words to express our thanks for you having shared all of these people and all of the beauties of the Bob with us. 

Deidre D - ME

Pack Trips for all ages with A Lazy H

Fly Fishing in Montana on a remote pack trip

If fly fishing is your passion, you will find the rivers and streams of Montana rich with trout and ready to attack your flies. These rivers are truly amazing to fish and the action on a hot summer day is legendary. The waters are very remote and inaccessible, so it is unlikely you will see anyone else on the river.

Browse our website and check out all the spectacular adventures that await you.  You will no doubt find a trip that excites you and has a wide range of activities for you whether you are traveling alone, with a group of friends, or with your extended family.  Horse packing trips are a great fit for both energetic youngsters and more "seasoned" citizens!


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